Saturday, March 17, 2012

In Jannah...

May Allah make us from its people..

Allah has written for its people, the everlasting abode therin..
we have passed this many times before & this is from the good speech that[ought] to be repeated..

verily, there are from amongst the people of Paradise..

who will look at the face of Allah every morning and evening..! and its not possible..

for there to be a greater gift, than for a salve to reach through his faith and actions..

which is in its self a mercy from Allah..

to a position of everlasting abode in paradise, and be made to enjoy looking at the face of Allah every morning and evening..

by Allah, indeed happiness falls on your face.. when you see your parents..

then how will be the case when you see your Lord and the Lord of your parents..?


Satan calls you to disobey Allah..

Remember, how(great) is the Grace..

that Allah will make you amongst those who enjoy seeing Him..

because when you remember the Majesty of Allah..

His Greatness!, His Beauty! and His Perfection!..

your heart will yearn for this Grace (Blessing)..

And if this enters the heart..

the greatest thing that prevents a slave from the sins..

Allah says about His disobedient people making their state clear to them, 
"No! Indeed, from their Lord, that Day, they will be debarred (veiled)." 83:15 deprived of seeing Allah..

this shows that the greatest blessing is looking at the face of Allah the most Honorable.. and we are certain that neither our deeds, speech, actions and our secret thoughts..

are not eligible to make us from the people of this affair[people of paradise] ever..

but like we say in these lessons as we as other lessons its through the Mercy of Allah and having good thinking in Him..